Training Modules

Welcome to the DCI franchise onboarding platform, where you’ll learn more about how Discovery Centre International supports you as a franchisee. Our comprehensive modules cover key aspects such as fundraising, marketing, site selection, construction & exhibits, educational programming, HR, and operations. Within these modules, you’ll discover the standards, processes, and procedures we’ve crafted to empower you in your franchise journey.

Our onboarding system has been refined for ease of use and implementation, and it is important for you and your staff to embrace every facet of the system and ask questions along the way. Together we can build a strong, vibrant Discovery Centre International Franchise!


The Fundraising module provides a comprehensive overview of the strategies and sources of capital and campaign fundraising for Discovery Centre International franchises. It dives into the various sources from which capital can be found, highlighting distinctions between private donors, corporate sponsors, foundations, and government support. The module also outlines the step-by-step process of raising funds. By the end of the module, franchisees will gain a well-rounded understanding of how to effectively raise capital for their Discovery Centre, from identifying potential supporters to nurturing long-lasting relationships with donors and sponsors.


The Marketing module covers all aspects of brand management and marketing. It begins by discussing the brand fund, directed by Head Office for continuous marketing sustainability. The module introduces the brand guide, marketing tools, and an annual marketing calendar for effective campaign execution. Social media strategies, including organic and paid promotions on social platforms are discussed. This module covers email marketing and newsletters, emphasizing member and non-member distinctions. Franchisees will learn how to convert a customer into a member and learn about the different membership types that are available. The module also touches upon the company’s retail store in regards to its suppliers and product offerings.

Construction & Exhibits

The Construction & Exhibits module covers crucial aspects of exhibit development, focusing on site design and its pivotal role in creating engaging and immersive content and experience delivery. It highlights the significance of location selection and criteria, emphasizing why the choice of location is integral to the success of an exhibit. The module discusses the key roles required within the Construction and Exhibit team, including project managers and architectural partners, to ensure smooth execution. It delves into the two main exhibit types: permanent and traveling exhibits, shedding light on their differences and requirements of assembly. Finally, it outlines the six stages of Exhibit Design, from pre-concept and conceptual design to schematic design, design development, fabrication, and installation, conditioning & integration.

Educational Programming

The Educational Programming module focuses on enhancing the visitor experience and maximizing the value for members with our educational programs. It encompasses outreach and community programming, which includes a range of workshops, curriculum sessions, both internal and external. Furthermore, the module covers our educational programming, which includes resources like educational brochures and workshop guide templates. These efforts are carried out by specialized teams including the Visitor Experience team and the Science Education team, such as the Staff Scientists and Facilitators, each with distinct roles and responsibilities. Additionally, noted is this department’s involvement in the fundraising process and any promotional efforts executed by these teams.

Human Resources

The Human Resources module covers a range of topics related to workforce management and compliance. It begins by describing the distinctions between independent contractors and employees, emphasizing the pertinent laws and requirements. The team structure is defined, featuring key roles like the CEO, Chief Fundraiser, VP of Marketing, and Accountant/Controller. The module addresses the recruitment process, offering guidance on staff sourcing and hiring steps. Managing employee performance, nurturing company culture, and implementing recognition and reward systems are also explored. The module concludes with a focus on health and safety obligations.


The Operations module focuses on the critical aspects of the franchisee/franchisor relationship. It covers franchisee operational requirements, the comprehensive pre-launch support, and training fundamentals. The module emphasizes ongoing support from the Discovery Centre International coaching and support program, comprising of a launch coach, foundations coach, and growth coach for each phase. It provides franchisees with essential coaching tools and documentation for effective business management. Highlighted in this module is how Discovery Centre International conducts field visits, and the participation in our annual conference. The module discusses a suite of tools, including franchise training videos and plan-on-a-page descriptions to ensure franchisees’ success.