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Web Summit, Rio, 2023 – 2024: Discovery Centre International is excited to announce their upcoming attendance at Web Summit Rio, April 15th to 18th

With the aim of expanding its global footprint and accessing the Brazilian tech and education market, the Discovery Centre International (DCI) team, represented by Dov Bercovici and Marcos Miranda, is excited to announce their upcoming attendance at Web Summit Rio next week, from April 15th to 18th. Having previously attended the event in 2023 and finding it highly beneficial, we are looking forward to participating again this year.   

Web Summit Rio is renowned for gathering tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors under one roof to explore the latest innovations and trends shaping the future of technology and business. For DCI, attending this event is a step towards forging connections with key stakeholders in Brazil’s education ecosystem, particularly those interested in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). 

“At Web Summit Rio, we anticipate an incredible opportunity to further engage with the Brazilian education community and to build upon the connections we established during our previous attendance in 2023,” remarked Dov Bercovici, President and CEO of Discovery Centre International. “Our goal remains to showcase the potential of DCI’s franchise model to potential investors and to solidify our presence in the Brazilian market.” 

Discovery Centre International looks forward to another enriching experience at Web Summit Rio de Janeiro. The event will bring together thousands of passionate individuals from all corners of the world, providing an exceptional platform for DCI to share our franchise opportunity. 


Powered by DCI, First-of-its-kind ocean science and discovery centre to open at Dalhousie University thanks to $8.2 million gift

Dalhousie University is pleased to announce the development of the new Beaty Centre for Marine Biodiversity in honour of entrepreneur and conservationist Mr. Ross Beaty and his family. This first-of-its-kind ocean research and discovery centre is made possible by a generous $8.2-million donation courtesy of the Beaty family. 

The Beaty Centre for Marine Biodiversity will be developed in collaboration with Discovery Centre International. It will be located on the first and second floors of Dalhousie University’s Steele Ocean Sciences Building. The centre will be an interactive ocean-focused science and discovery centre for both the Dalhousie community and the public. 

“We are grateful for the Beaty family’s generosity and Discovery Centre International’s collaboration on this unique project,” said Dr. Frank Harvey, president and vice-chancellor (acting) of Dalhousie University. “Their support exemplifies what is possible when people and organizations with a shared passion and vision come together as a team to make great work happen. The ocean research centre we are creating — and the learning, research and outreach that will take place there — will not only benefit our students, our researchers, and our community members, but also our country and the world.”

“Education and awareness about marine biodiversity are crucial to support informed action to protect it, particularly in light of today’s twin crises of global warming and species extinction,” said donor Ross Beaty. “I am pleased to support Dalhousie University’s efforts to share its extensive expertise in marine science through the creation of this centre.” 

The Beaty Centre for Marine Biodiversity will create new hands-on learning opportunities to enrich the experiences of undergraduate and graduate students. The centre will be available and accessible to members of the public and feature interactive displays that showcase Dal’s ocean-related research – and solutions that are addressing the world’s marine biodiversity crisis. Exhibits will target school-aged children grade six and up, adults, Nova Scotia visitors and the Dalhousie community.

“This is an exciting project for Dalhousie,” said Dr. Charles Macdonald, Dean of Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Science. “This new innovative and interactive ocean education centre will not only be setting our students up for success in their chosen careers, but it will also allow us to share our research with the community in ways that were not possible before. It will inspire people to think differently about the ocean and how they interact with it. And it will empower them to take action — to protect the ocean, its species and its delicate ecosystems.”

The 8,000-square-foot centre will feature more than 60 exhibits, including the skeleton of a 63-foot blue whale, which will be mounted to the atrium of the Steele Ocean Sciences Building. Visitors will also have access to a life-size kelp forest, a climate change sphere, educational displays about species facing extinction, and aquaria filled with the diverse plant life and animals that live off Nova Scotia’s coast. The Beaty Centre for Marine Biodiversity will also feature the Mi’kmaq concept of Netukulimk—a profound way of knowing and living in balance with Wskitqamu, or the earth, and one another, in peace.

Discovery Centre International’s expertise in engaging youth through interactive science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is pivotal in bringing Dal’s new Beaty Centre for Marine Biodiversity to life.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dalhousie on this exciting initiative,” said Dov Bercovici, president of Discovery Centre International in Halifax. “We look forward to showcasing Dal’s vital work in marine biodiversity conservation, including how this world-leading ocean research university is making waves not just locally, but also nationally and internationally.”

Construction of the Beaty Centre for Marine Biodiversity is scheduled to begin in January 2024 and be completed by early 2025. The total cost of the centre is $12.2 million. Along with the generous support from Mr. Beaty, the university will be raising a remaining $4 million through philanthropic support.

Media Contact:

Kristen Lipscombe, HBA, BJ (she/her) 

Senior Manager, Media Relations and Issues Management

Dalhousie University




Discovery Centre International is excited to announce a partnership with Sable Island Institute

Discovery Centre International is excited to announce a partnership with Sable Island Institute to explore opportunities to showcase the valuable research and artifacts collected over years of exploration on treasured Sable Island, now a national park – the Sable Island National Park Reserve. 

The Sable Island Institute is a multidisciplinary organization developing and conducting a wide range of Sable Island programs, including environmental monitoring, biodiversity surveys, arts and culture projects, as well as public outreach.

“We are very happy to be teaming up with Discovery Centre to learn from their experience and expertise in creating a viable and popular destination. We want to create a research and learning centre for all things Sable Island and Discovery Centre’s support and guidance will be pivotal.” – Zoe Lucas, President, Sable Island Institute.

Sable Island is situated in th e Atlantic Ocean near the edge of the Continental Shelf, 290km offshore from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is home to rich biodiversity that includes several endemic plants and animals including a herd of wild horses. Its placement at the intersection of key ocean currents where the jet stream exits Eastern North America makes Sable Island a key site for exploring questions of global importance and a destination for scientists to study weather patterns and currents, track birds and observe thriving communities of isolated plants and animals.

“Discovery Centre International looks forward to collaborating with the team at the Sable Island Institute to develop an exhibit experience or facility that showcases the amazing work and collections representing Sable Island. One of our first collaborations will be relocating 600 horse skulls from Sable Island to Discovery Centre and developing a learning experience around these amazing artifacts. Sable Island is a destination of rich scientific significance that should be shared and celebrated nationally and internationally.” – Dov Bercovici, President, Discovery Centre International.

Sable Island Institute and Discovery Centre International will work together to facilitate partnerships with rural innovation incubators so that all Nova Scotians will have access to Sable Island Institute’s experiences and knowledge, as well as develop programs that ensure the Centre is inclusive and representative of all diverse communities in the Province of Nova Scotia.


Discovery Centre International to support science curriculum for network of global private schools

Discovery Centre International based in Halifax, Nova Scotia has joined forces with Maple Bear Global Schools to support science curriculum for their international network of 570 schools in 31 countries worldwide. As one of the fastest-growing educational brands in the world, Maple Bear will also support Discovery Centre International’s franchise expansion plans.

“The international franchise and curriculum expansion goals of Maple Bear Global Schools and Discovery Centre International are very well aligned. This amazing new partnership will accelerate the implementation of our shared plans to open a significant number of franchise locations while also developing STEAM education programs and exhibits globally,” says Dov Bercovici, President Discovery Centre International.

Maple Bear Global Schools is a world leader in bilingual education, offering high quality infant care, preschool, kindergarten, elementary and secondary education, based on practices that place Canadian education among the highest regarded in the world.

“Maple Bear Global Schools is very pleased to be partnering with Discovery Centre International to offer cutting edge science curriculum for our 44,000 students around the globe. Our purpose is to share the very best of Canadian education with the world and through this new partnership, we know that our students will become passionate about all aspects of scientific experiments and discovery,” added Arno Krug Junior, CEO Maple Bear Global Schools.

Building on the success of Halifax’s Discovery Centre facility, programming, and network of partners in the science community, the agreement will come to life with the deployment of a customized science program in existing and future Maple Bear Schools. In addition, the curation of summer camp programs will see students travelling from Maple Bear’s international locations to experience the wonders of the Discovery Centre first-hand with the intention of creating interest in post-secondary education in Nova Scotia.

About Maple Bear Global Schools:

The Maple Bear network includes more than 570 schools. 400 schools are open and another 170 will be opening soon, in 31 countries. Maple Bear Global Schools is a world leader in bilingual education, offering high quality Infant care, Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary education, based on practices that place Canadian education among the best on the planet. Delivered in a safe and stimulating environment and with a multicultural and student-centered approach, the Maple Bear methodology develops curiosity, imagination, experimentation and discovery, sparking a true passion for lifelong learning. Learn more: www.maplebear.ca

For more information please contact:

Dov Bercovici
President, Discovery Centre International

Michelle Tice
Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications Maple Bear Global Schools