About Us

Discovery Centre International (DCI), provides the specialized skills and processes necessary for organizations and international partners to build their own Discovery Centre facility, innovation lab, aquarium, planetarium, tourist attraction, or science centre in their region.

The award-winning Discovery Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia has provided a foundation of success and a model to replicate through the development of exceptional experiences, educational excellence, and turnkey franchise opportunities. Our Franchise Model ignites a passion for science and discovery while growing international opportunities for youth, educational institutions, science industries, and the workforce of the future. With 40 years of direct experience, our team will guide you through the complex and multifaceted franchise process, including business planning, design and development, financing strategies, and the sustainable operation of a science centre.

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DCI is a major partner in the global market for exhibit and facility design, fabrication, technical human resources training, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) program development, business planning for public facilities, capital fundraising methodology, and facility operation. The Discovery Centre International Franchise Model leverages this expertise alongside the respected brand of Discovery Centre as a leader in STEAM innovation. DCI provides an exceptional opportunity for local and international suppliers who will be contracted for the design and build of facilities and exhibitions that promote the importance of STEAM to entrepreneurship, science capital, and inclusive innovation.

What is a Science Centre?

Science centres are referred to as informal learning environments since they are free of the constraints imposed by traditional classroom settings. They encourage visitors to explore a wide array of stimulating and thought-provoking participatory exhibits on their own terms, based on personal preferences, learning styles, and interests. Science centres play a pivotal role in developing the workforce of the future.

The presence of a permanent science centre is not only beneficial for the local community but also serves as a captivating attraction for visitors. Through remarkable exhibits, facilitated programming, and curriculum-based workshops, Discovery Centre becomes a community hub and a gateway to the exciting curiosities of science. Discovery Centre provides comprehensive educational programs across diverse levels, catering to nursery, primary, secondary, and adult learning. Its educational outreach initiatives further extend its impact, reaching out to schools, community groups, and beyond.

What is a Science Centre
Meet our Team

Dov Bercovici

President & CEO, Discovery Centre International
Dov Bercovici, a graduate of Dalhousie and McGill University, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role, overseeing all operations with a focus on expanding DCI's footprint across the globe. Since assuming the role of CEO of Discovery Centre in 2007, and initiating franchising efforts in 2021, Dov has played a pivotal role in guiding Discovery Centre International to unprecedented success. Dov has earned five Top 50 CEO titles in Atlantic Canada and a place in the Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame. With 30 years of experience, he's led major projects in education as well as international trade initiatives with organizations like the World Trade Centre and Acadia University. Dov's leadership has positioned DCI as a leading force in international education.

Marcos Miranda

Vice President of International Business Development
Marcos Miranda plays an essential role in introducing Discovery Centre International’s franchise model to diverse markets worldwide. With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 countries, Marcos has been a driving force behind international business development for global enterprises. His upbringing in Brazil, Argentina, the UK, the US, and Canada provided a diverse cultural perspective, complemented by his academic achievements—a BSc degree in Administration and Management, an MBA from St. Mary's University, and an MIT Certification in Applied Data Analytics. Leveraging his background, Marcos tailors Discovery Centre International’s offerings to suit each target country.
Construction & Exhibits

Ruth Munro

Director of Exhibits & Facilities
Construction and exhibits are an integral part of our franchise onboarding process. The designed exhibits are customized to your location by our certified architectural partner, alongside personnel from your team, to ensure they fit seamlessly within your facility. Our collaborative approach allows us to work closely with you to design and deliver a product according to your preferences and goals. Together we will manage the entire process from conceptualization to fabrication, to guarantee exceptional exhibits that match your new science centre!
Educational Programming

Ryan Jameson

Director of Science Education
From tailored curriculum development to hands-on training, our science education team will guide you through creating an engaging and impactful science education experience. By collaborating closely, we will ensure your Discovery Centre reflects the unique needs of your community. Our experts provide ongoing support, keeping you at the forefront of science education trends. Together, we will help make your Discovery Centre International a hub of transformative learning.

Helen Dolan

Director of Partnerships
Our fundraising team is an essential part of your journey in establishing a Discovery Centre franchise. Our financing experts will assist you in navigating potential funding sources, whether through donors, corporate sponsorships, or traditional loans. We keep you informed about best practices, help optimize your budgeting, and provide insights to ensure the financial sustainability of your franchise. We aim to streamline the financing process, allowing you to focus on the successful launch and operation of your DC franchise.

Jennifer Punch

Chief Operating Officer
Our operations experts have outlined the guidelines of the franchisor/franchisee relationship and the associated operational requirements. We provide you with some coaching tools and documentation along with our coaching and support program. This team will equip you with pre-launch support processes and how to independently own and maintain operation of your Discovery Centre franchise.
Human Resources

Linda Laurence

Director of Human Resources
Our human resources team will help you handle all issues related to managing employees. These guidelines will equip you with methods to hire employees that align with your organizational goals and fit within the company culture. Our team has outlined the most important roles to hire and at what point in the onboarding process they should start, to assist you with a smooth transition. Managing team performance along with their health and safety is an important aspect of operating a Discovery Centre franchise that consists of high expectations and experimental exhibits.

Laura Jones

Marketing Coordinator
Our experienced team will walk you through all of our intentional marketing strategies for success. From our policies and brand guidelines, we will demonstrate how we convert visitors into repeated customers and members. The primary goal of our marketing strategy is to convince tourists and community members to visit Discovery Centre, to immerse themselves in the full experience.