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Web Summit, Rio, 2023 – 2024: Discovery Centre International is excited to announce their upcoming attendance at Web Summit Rio, April 15th to 18th

With the aim of expanding its global footprint and accessing the Brazilian tech and education market, the Discovery Centre International (DCI) team, represented by Dov Bercovici and Marcos Miranda, is excited to announce their upcoming attendance at Web Summit Rio next week, from April 15th to 18th. Having previously attended the event in 2023 and finding it highly beneficial, we are looking forward to participating again this year.   

Web Summit Rio is renowned for gathering tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors under one roof to explore the latest innovations and trends shaping the future of technology and business. For DCI, attending this event is a step towards forging connections with key stakeholders in Brazil’s education ecosystem, particularly those interested in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). 

“At Web Summit Rio, we anticipate an incredible opportunity to further engage with the Brazilian education community and to build upon the connections we established during our previous attendance in 2023,” remarked Dov Bercovici, President and CEO of Discovery Centre International. “Our goal remains to showcase the potential of DCI’s franchise model to potential investors and to solidify our presence in the Brazilian market.” 

Discovery Centre International looks forward to another enriching experience at Web Summit Rio de Janeiro. The event will bring together thousands of passionate individuals from all corners of the world, providing an exceptional platform for DCI to share our franchise opportunity. 

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