Discovery Centre International is excited to announce a partnership with Sable Island Institute

Discovery Centre International is excited to announce a partnership with Sable Island Institute to explore opportunities to showcase the valuable research and artifacts collected over years of exploration on treasured Sable Island, now a national park – the Sable Island National Park Reserve. 

The Sable Island Institute is a multidisciplinary organization developing and conducting a wide range of Sable Island programs, including environmental monitoring, biodiversity surveys, arts and culture projects, as well as public outreach.

“We are very happy to be teaming up with Discovery Centre to learn from their experience and expertise in creating a viable and popular destination. We want to create a research and learning centre for all things Sable Island and Discovery Centre’s support and guidance will be pivotal.” – Zoe Lucas, President, Sable Island Institute.

Sable Island is situated in th e Atlantic Ocean near the edge of the Continental Shelf, 290km offshore from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is home to rich biodiversity that includes several endemic plants and animals including a herd of wild horses. Its placement at the intersection of key ocean currents where the jet stream exits Eastern North America makes Sable Island a key site for exploring questions of global importance and a destination for scientists to study weather patterns and currents, track birds and observe thriving communities of isolated plants and animals.

“Discovery Centre International looks forward to collaborating with the team at the Sable Island Institute to develop an exhibit experience or facility that showcases the amazing work and collections representing Sable Island. One of our first collaborations will be relocating 600 horse skulls from Sable Island to Discovery Centre and developing a learning experience around these amazing artifacts. Sable Island is a destination of rich scientific significance that should be shared and celebrated nationally and internationally.” – Dov Bercovici, President, Discovery Centre International.

Sable Island Institute and Discovery Centre International will work together to facilitate partnerships with rural innovation incubators so that all Nova Scotians will have access to Sable Island Institute’s experiences and knowledge, as well as develop programs that ensure the Centre is inclusive and representative of all diverse communities in the Province of Nova Scotia.

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